Fish Consumption: Harmful or Beneficial? You Decide

Nearly 98% of adults and 93% of children in the United States ate fish in 2013(1). The standard American diet includes fish. Millions of fish are caught, sold, and bought again each year to sustain consumption. Much of its popularity is due to its nutritional value. Fish is high in protein, low in saturated fat, … Continue Reading

The Health Benefits of Adding Mushrooms to Your Diet

According to deciphered hieroglyphs mushrooms have been hailed as the plant of immortality from the early Egyptians. The Pharaohs so loved the flavor of mushrooms it was decreed that no commoner was to ever touch or eat mushrooms, they were only for the royals. The first known cultivated mushrooms were grown in caves outside of … Continue Reading

Running to Victory: The Warm-up

Running to Victory: The Warm-up

Whether you currently run for a club, in marathons, on your street, or on a treadmill, you probably put your body and mind through hell to improveโ€ฆ your body and mind. Wait, what? Okay, you probably run to be healthy. Or because you like itโ€ฆ but lets speak to the majority of the population here. … Continue Reading


I canโ€™t even begin to count the number of pounds Iโ€™ve lost and gained in the past fifty years. It blows my mind and causes me to be irritated at myself for not keeping to the many promises I made to myself to not put the weight back on. Does that sound familiar? If it … Continue Reading