Why You’re Going to Fail

I work with a lot of personal trainers, both at the Personal Trainer Development Center and the National Personal Training Institute in Portland, OR. And I know why you’re going to fail. You see, the trainers who don’t find success are usually looking in the same places. They’re making the same mistakes. Following the same, dead-end path. This … Continue Reading

The Future of the Personal Training Industry

I’m a fairly new trainer – I became certified in 2012 and started training a few clients independently here and there to get my feet wet. In 2014 I started training at Oregon State University where I later finished my degree in Kinesiology. Recently, I’ve been working with the Personal Trainer Development Center and The … Continue Reading

The Fitness Community Needs a Mindset Shift

The Fitness Community Needs a Mindset Shift

​I wanted to write this piece because the overwhelming majority of information floating around the fitness community has the wrong message attached to it. The fitness industry is becoming increasingly saturated with Instagram models and overnight experts blah blah blah, but it’s true. The worst part is, many of these people have huge followings, are … Continue Reading

How to use Your Limitations to Your Advantage

My Story Going through life with a speech impediment was tough; l let it hold me back, numerous times… Until I said, “Screw this.” So, I’ll say it. I have a stutter. It gets worse when I am nervous, or anxious. It gets better when I am relaxed, and comfortable with the people around me. … Continue Reading

4 Methods to Increase Consistency for New Exercisers

Maintaining consistency with exercise will test your body but, more importantly, your willpower. For many of us, an effective workout is not the issue; when we enter the gym we understand how to push ourselves, and the iron. The issue may not occur in the gym, but in the mind. Prior bad habits and broken … Continue Reading

The Harmful Cycle Occurring in the Fitness World Today

I love the fitness industry; I think it has some of the most genuine and helpful professionals in the world. It’s one of the few fields that relates to everyone. It’s amazing to me. But we have a problem. As we progress, more and more people realize the positive impacts healthy living has on both … Continue Reading

5 Things we’re Overlooking when it Comes to Fitness

There’s no shortage of fitness pros telling you to stay in a 3-5 rep range for strength, eat this and that pre and post workout, or how to change your squat to save your lower back. All of these are valuable, and this type of (accurate) information needs to be continuously circulating and evolving to … Continue Reading

26 Tips for Injury Prevention During Exercise

Exercise is the best medicine, but you have to find the correct dose. Just like drug prescription, if the doctor prescribes too little, the patient will not get the physiological benefit the doctor is trying to achieve. If the doctor prescribes too much, the patient can suffer devastating side-effects and even death. Exercise prescriptions must be … Continue Reading

Build Your Arms at Home

Everyone loves to see well-defined arms, it takes commitment and dedication day in and day out to achieve and maintain. And having lean, built arms is empowering and a definite confidence builder. Over 20 years ago, I too used long for great arms, I was intimidated by weights, after all, I’m a woman and I … Continue Reading