Self-Myofascial Release: Is it Safe for Everyone?

Background​ ​With the recent explosion of books like Becoming A Supple Leopard that emphasize self-mobilization techniques, more active populations, including trainers, are looking to foam rollers and lacrosse balls to fix their limited mobility and pain. But is this safe for everyone (including our clients who range in age, fitness level, and overall health)? Let’s … Continue Reading

5 Nonphysical Benefits of Hiring a (good) Personal Trainer

I recently sat in on a general population discussion on the value (or lack there of) of personal trainers. Someone outside of the fitness industry suggested that everyone should have a personal trainer, which sparked this conversation. As you can imagine, several people voiced their opinions whether they were in agreement or not. As I … Continue Reading

The Story of My Double Bodyweight Chin-up

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a knack for pull-ups. You might say I owe it partially to my physical difference. For bodyweight exercises, the congenital absence of my left leg is actually a blessing; my prosthetic leg weighs only a fraction of what a human limb does. Back in elementary school, … Continue Reading

Resistance Training for Fat Loss: What the Research says

Resistance Training for Fat Loss: What the Research says

Over two-thirds of American adults are either overweight or obese, and over one-third are considered obese. America’s increasing BMI is suggesting a trend that is showing no signs of slowing. We know these trends are directly linked to several chronic diseases, rising health care costs, among other issues. A common solution to combat obesity is … Continue Reading

Proper Exercise Habits after a Major Joint Replacement

Thankfully, more people are exercising and continuing to do so well into their golden years. Whether to stay in shape, get in shape, lose weight, reduce LDL cholesterol levels and other health markers and indicators, or merely to socialize and have fun, the plethora of workout options is making it easier to hit the gym … Continue Reading

Getting Fit: Be Realistic

The easiest way to lose weight and to get fit is to start slow and to keep it simple; as the old adage states, everything in moderation. Devising complicated workout plans or embarking on regimented diets hampers success for most on the outset.  Often people approach weight-loss with an all or nothing attitude. Unfortunately, I … Continue Reading

The Basic 8-Week Hypertrophy Plan

Program level: Beginner to intermediate What you need to know: *Lower/upper body split *Multi-joint movements first, assistance exercises follow. *2-4 days per week making sure to have 24-48 hrs between each training session. *3-4 sets of 10 reps @ 75% of 1RM *60-90 seconds rest between sets *Two for Two method: complete 2 reps over the … Continue Reading

Training as you Age

We all know that exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle at any age. Most of us find that as we grow older our bodies don’t respond as well to the activities we once did easily. Many biological processes change with age ( i.e., joint degradation, muscle loss, digestive compromise and other metabolic … Continue Reading

DOMS: Your Questions Answered

DOMS: Your Questions Answered

Delayed onset muscle soreness, or DOMS, is a phenomenon that impacts exercisers everywhere. Soreness is obviously common, so it’s a given that there are a lot of misconceptions regarding DOMS. Although there are many aspects of DOMS that are unclear, there is a lot that we do know and much of the information discussed in … Continue Reading