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Why You’re Going to Fail

I work with a lot of personal trainers, both at the Personal Trainer Development Center and the National Personal Training Institute in Portland, OR. And I know why you’re going to fail. You see, the trainers who don’t find success are usually looking in the same places. They’re making the same mistakes. Following the same, dead-end path. This … Continue Reading

The Future of the Personal Training Industry

I’m a fairly new trainer – I became certified in 2012 and started training a few clients independently here and there to get my feet wet. In 2014 I started training at Oregon State University where I later finished my degree in Kinesiology. Recently, I’ve been working with the Personal Trainer Development Center and The … Continue Reading

The Fitness Community Needs a Mindset Shift

The Fitness Community Needs a Mindset Shift

​I wanted to write this piece because the overwhelming majority of information floating around the fitness community has the wrong message attached to it. The fitness industry is becoming increasingly saturated with Instagram models and overnight experts blah blah blah, but it’s true. The worst part is, many of these people have huge followings, are … Continue Reading

Self-Myofascial Release: Is it Safe for Everyone?

Background​ ​With the recent explosion of books like Becoming A Supple Leopard that emphasize self-mobilization techniques, more active populations, including trainers, are looking to foam rollers and lacrosse balls to fix their limited mobility and pain. But is this safe for everyone (including our clients who range in age, fitness level, and overall health)? Let’s … Continue Reading

How to use Your Limitations to Your Advantage

My Story Going through life with a speech impediment was tough; l let it hold me back, numerous times… Until I said, “Screw this.” So, I’ll say it. I have a stutter. It gets worse when I am nervous, or anxious. It gets better when I am relaxed, and comfortable with the people around me. … Continue Reading

5 Nonphysical Benefits of Hiring a (good) Personal Trainer

I recently sat in on a general population discussion on the value (or lack there of) of personal trainers. Someone outside of the fitness industry suggested that everyone should have a personal trainer, which sparked this conversation. As you can imagine, several people voiced their opinions whether they were in agreement or not. As I … Continue Reading

The Story of My Double Bodyweight Chin-up

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a knack for pull-ups. You might say I owe it partially to my physical difference. For bodyweight exercises, the congenital absence of my left leg is actually a blessing; my prosthetic leg weighs only a fraction of what a human limb does. Back in elementary school, … Continue Reading

4 Methods to Increase Consistency for New Exercisers

Maintaining consistency with exercise will test your body but, more importantly, your willpower. For many of us, an effective workout is not the issue; when we enter the gym we understand how to push ourselves, and the iron. The issue may not occur in the gym, but in the mind. Prior bad habits and broken … Continue Reading

Resistance Training for Fat Loss: What the Research says

Resistance Training for Fat Loss: What the Research says

Over two-thirds of American adults are either overweight or obese, and over one-third are considered obese. America’s increasing BMI is suggesting a trend that is showing no signs of slowing. We know these trends are directly linked to several chronic diseases, rising health care costs, among other issues. A common solution to combat obesity is … Continue Reading

Fish Consumption: Harmful or Beneficial? You Decide

Nearly 98% of adults and 93% of children in the United States ate fish in 2013(1). The standard American diet includes fish. Millions of fish are caught, sold, and bought again each year to sustain consumption. Much of its popularity is due to its nutritional value. Fish is high in protein, low in saturated fat, … Continue Reading